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Hiking Rattlesnake Trail

rattlesnake trail

Rattlesnake Trail

Rattlesnake Trail is a popular hiking trail located in Sardine Canyon, in the Cache National Forest.  There is a dirt parking area off the southbound lane of highway 89/91 not far from the Cache Valley Side of the Canyon. 

The trail is known for its  beauty, wildlife, and, as the name suggests, the possibility of encountering rattlesnakes.  I’ve never seen one, nor heard one in all my days of hiking and photographing families in the tall grass.  But like any hike in Northern Utah, Rattlesnakes are a possibility to take caution.

Rattlesnake Trail Difficulty

The Rattlesnake Trail is  moderately difficult. There are steep sections, and I huffed and puffed then appreciated the more level terrain.  The trail is suitable for hikers with moderate to advanced hiking experience.

We hiked a round trip of 3.3 miles turning right at the fork and continuing up the hill until we could see Cache Valley.  We had an elevation gain of 631.

There are trails that connect, from Wellsville, Mendon, and if you go left at the fork, you’ll end up at the top of the Wellsvilles.  I’ve also hiked that.  8 hour trip.


Hikers and trail runners can expect amazing views of the surrounding mountains and forested landscapes throughout the trail which are especially beautiful in the fall.

In addition to rattlesnakes, you may also encounter various wildlife species such as deer, birds, and smaller mammals.  I heard something rustling in the brush but kept on about my business.  I saw evidence of where the deer have bedded.  And once I was chased by a mountain lion on the way to the top, however once I found refuge behind Mr. Banks realized it was just a sage grouse.


rattlesnake trail
rattlesnake trail
rattle snake trail

Grab your peeps

We passed several groups of friends and their pups on our trek.  It’s a great trail to burn a few calories, climbing elevation to beautiful views.

Heather Savage

Heather Savage

Cache Valley is my home. I love exploring our beautiful mountains, attending our USU Athletics, and supporting our local shops and dining. I hope we cross paths on our adventures.


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