Free Fitness Videos and Apps

Local Exercise Links: The awesome instructors at the Studio Logan are offering Free Live stream workout videos. Go to to sign up. This week’s schedule posted on their instagram is: LIVESTREAM SCHEDULE:Monday 30th9:00am High Fitness (Shar/Kenz)Tuesday 31st9:00am Full Body (Shar/Kenz)7:00pm High Fitness (Sav/Emme)Wednesday 1st9:00am High Fitness (Shar/Kenz)Thursday 2nd9:00am Full Body (Abby)7:00pm High Fitness […]

Gyms in Logan Utah

CLICK HERE FOR A COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF GYMS IN THE LOGAN AREA It’s that time of year again. ReSoLuTiOn TiMe. If you’re like me, it’s the exact time each year I return my focus to fitness, eating healthier, and overall feeling better. I have chosen a few gyms to spotlight, if you want a complete […]