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Hikes Near Logan – Snow Shoe Black Smith Fork


Savage Boy talked all about the bears hibernating on our trek into the canyon. But the thing about Cache Valley residents, we don’t hibernate. All snow is, is a new playground on our already favorite real estate. Every time I go to the hills I meet people who share my love for nature. Today, several dog walking snow shoers and even a snow biking goat walker.

We bought snow shoes at the end of the season last year at Sams Club. Mr. Banks put them away for Christmas this year and I LOVE them. My only question is . . . can you escape a mtn lion (my irrational fear)? But I mean maybe taking Savage Dog wouldn’t be a bad idea.

This is an in and out trail which is perfect for the energy or attention level or your adventurers.

Heather Savage

Heather Savage

Cache Valley is my home. I love exploring our beautiful mountains, attending our USU Athletics, and supporting our local shops and dining. I hope we cross paths on our adventures.


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