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Dog Parks in Logan UT

We have designated dog parks, but do we have dog friendly parks?

dog park
no dog park

A cool thing in Logan:

A Pilot program for off - leash parks - here's the deets
Parks included:
Jens Johansen Park 850 east 100 north
Jones Neighborhood Park 400 west 625 north
Kilowatt Park 331 south 300 west Pioneer Parkway 165 East Poplar Avenue
Ray Hugie Hydro Park - north side of US 89 at Canyon
Logan Service Center East Lawn Area 810 west 600 north

The Rules
  • Reduction of dog waste from parks and trails
  • Dog waste properly bagged and disposed in provided City trash cans
  • Dogs have a current license
  • Dogs shall not harass others
  • Dogs shall not be unattended
  • Dogs must be under voice control
  • Dogs shall not be a nuisance

Some Legal Stuff - in case you were wondering

6A.08.040 – Places prohibited to animals. A. Food Establishments: It shall be unlawful for any person to take or permit any animals, whether on a leash or in the arms of their owners, into any establishment or place of business where food or food products are sold or distributed, including, but not limited to, restaurants, grocery stores, meat markets, and fruit or vegetable stores. B. Schools. It is unlawful for any person to permit any dog or other domesticated animal whether loose, or on a leash, or in arms, in or on any school grounds except for purposes of instruction when authorized by a teacher at the said school directly involved with the said instruction. C. City Owned Land: It is unlawful for any person to take or permit any dog or other domesticated animal whether loose, or on a leash or in arms, in any city park, sports field. Or sports park, city cemetery, and city zoo, except specific area authorized and posted by Logan City. This section does not apply to service animals, government working dogs, or similar animals used for educational programs, law enforcement exercises, or authorized events.

6A.08.120 – Animal waste. A. The person having custody or control of an animal shall have in his possession a bag or similar means of removing waste deposited by his animal and be responsible for the immediate removal of any waste deposited by his animal on any public right-of-way, public place, recreation area, or private property other than that belonging to the owner of the animal. B. A violation of this section shall be an infraction, the penalty for which shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00).



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