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Freckle Farm Animal Planters


Freckle Farm Animal Planter kits for the win for bored kiddos at home that need a creative outlet for these quarantine times. But not just now, these are a cute creation to help kids learn to love plants and gardening.

When the world was stockpiling toilet paper, I took my kiddos to Freckle Farm to buy them each a plant to brighten their surroundings. I didn’t know then, but might have had an idea, that we’d be at this quarantine for a hot minute. My plants make me so happy.

So when I was thinking of what to do for Easter, I remembered the Animal Planter Kits for kids. They offer curbside pick up or delivery of kits already put together with supplies for the kiddos to assemble.

Heather Savage

Heather Savage

Cache Valley is my home. I love exploring our beautiful mountains, attending our USU Athletics, and supporting our local shops and dining. I hope we cross paths on our adventures.