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Stay at Home – Spring Break 2020

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A Spring Break like no other . . .

Are ya ready for a #stayathome spring break weekend???? Here are our #savage family ideas:

1. Learn a #tiktok. Some of our peeps speak tik tok and have even started tikking and tokking involuntarily but it’s a new challenge for the rest of us.

2. Camp. We love it. We could heat up the camper and camp on site but instead we are going to cook up some tin foil dinners, roast some smores, and camp in the house.

3. Visit a state park. Because of a recent #stayhomestaysafe mandate we can only visit state parks within our county and we are lucky to have one. Hyrum State Park. Skip rocks. Sit on the beach (tomorrow might be 57 degrees). Swim like a mermaid (water temp 35-40 degrees). Boat. Fish.

4. Try a new recipe. Start a cooking vlog. Watch Julie and Julia. Or create a new recipe with what supplies you have.

5. Binge watch something. Might look like Binge watching prophets and apostles this weekend but my kids have also been deprived and have never seen Star Wars. The RM has missed a couple avengers movies.

6. Support a local business. We try to weekly.

7. Learn a new skill. Drawing. Creative script. Piano. Guitar. Ukulele.

8. Hammock or hike or both.

9. Road trip around valley on a photo scavenger hunt. For us it would be cool places to do photoshoots. But you can make a list of places or things to shoot.

10. Artistic/Home Improvement Project. Redecorate and organize your room. Create a fun environment – you’re likely to be there full time another month at least.

Bonus: Find an online friend. Create a project together. Writing, art, baking, photo documentary. Something to creatively pass this historic time.

Heather Savage

Heather Savage

Cache Valley is my home. I love exploring our beautiful mountains, attending our USU Athletics, and supporting our local shops and dining. I hope we cross paths on our adventures.