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We live across town from this grocery store and yet, it’s our favorite. My girls enjoy the working environment. My favorites are the produce, Walter in frozen, and Lee’s Online. They’ve adapted amazingly to the social distancing. When this first hit, and we hoarded and stockpiled, they were working long hours to make sure the shelves were stocked with everything they had in the back. And when I say everything. I mean every. little. thing. They stayed, and extras came in, to help out of the goodness of their hearts when a shipment would come in, or the lines were too long.

Lee’s adapted to make shopping easier for older or high risk people by having call in orders. Every time I have shopped there is someone cleaning carts and it’s literally my kids favorite task because they get to greet people. they are so sad they can’t hang out with friends. So seeing you the public is a very happy thing for them. A woman even bought one of them a candy bar.

As a mother, I know the risk is great sending them where germs, aside from the hospital, are probably super high. I know they might face angry shoppers in need of toilet paper where there hasn’t been any for weeks, or crazy people who cough on fresh fruit. I make them drop their clothing in the wash as soon as they get home, and sanitize their phones with clorox wipes, but they love work so much and I am so grateful for their essential jobs.

Social distancing. 6 feet.

They love serving you. So be kind & smile back.

Heather Savage

Heather Savage

Cache Valley is my home. I love exploring our beautiful mountains, attending our USU Athletics, and supporting our local shops and dining. I hope we cross paths on our adventures.